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The Talented Clementine

The Talented Clementine - Marla Frazee, Sara Pennypacker

This is a contemporary realistic fictional book will likely to appeal to young girls in grades 4-6.  Girls in this age group will be able to empathize with Clementine, the witty main character.  The illustrations help the readers visualize Clementine with her curly free flowing hair and her tomboyish outfits.  They also bring focus to her interactions with her family, peers, and teachers.  Clementine, like some girls her age, feels awkward around her classmates and teacher.  When the talent show is announced she is nervous and tries to find excuses not participate in it.  She thinks she has no useful talents, at least none that are good enough for a talent show.  Like many children she is unable to see her talents, but an unforeseen event brings out her unnoticeable talent.  I enjoyed reading this book.  What I liked best in this book series is that unlike some books written for this age group, this book is lighthearted and child friendly.  It is able to be humorous without using foul language or having ridiculously unrealistic characters or setting.  I found Clementine to be clever and amusing; she calls her little brother all sorts of vegetable names I would definitely read and recommend the books in this series.