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Close to Famous

Close to Famous - Joan Bauer

One of the issues covered in this book that spoke to me the most was how Foster dealt with her dyslexia.  As a middle school teacher I have some experience working with dyslectic students.  Most have been identified, provided services at the elementary level, and have learned to cope with this disorder.  However some children go undiagnosed, they become “problem” students, and are even bullied by their peers.  Even though teachers are given modifications, many teachers lack addition training and information in this area.  Foster remained me of a student I had who I noticed struggled tremendously in class because he was undiagnosed.  Being able to experience Foster’s frustration with her learning disability is going to help me better understand some of my students’ frustration.  Another interesting point covered by the book was Foster’s dream of becoming a profession TV baker.  I think it is important for children to set goals and have interests.  Her passion for baking was her escape, and how she coped with her grieve and adversities.  It even help relieve tension when Duke, the escaped convict, held everyone hostage in the house.  Foster always saw the brighter side of life when she baked; which helped turn around the lives of some of Culpepper’s citizens.