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Flyaway - Lucy Christopher

The theme throughout Flyaway is compassion.  The main character Isla demonstrates her compassionate heart by trying to make those who are suffering around her feel better.  After her father’s heart attack Isla is determined to help him regain his strength by reporting on her account with the lost swan she found in the lake by hospital.  She tries to have news on the swan every time she visits him; she knows that their shared interest for the bird will cheer up her father.  In the hospital Isla makes friends with a sick boy, Harry.  She also wants to help her new friend and shares her interest in the swan with him.  Isla can tell that her new adventure with the swan distracts her father and Harry from their illnesses.  This encourages her to visit the swan more often and begin to form a bond.  Isla has dreams about the swan, she wants to help the swan flyaway to her flock, but is unsure how to do it.  She knows that if the swan does not get back to the flock she will not survive on her own.  Harry encourages Isla to use her flying model to help reunite the swan with her flock.  After she guides the swan back to her flock Isla’s father has gotten better, and Harry was granted special permission to see the flock before his bone marrow transfusion.  It is apparent that things will turn out better in the resolution of this novel.