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Love That Dog

Love That Dog - Sharon Creech

Jack, like many boys or kids his age, has the wrong perception of poetry. Kids get handed out poems to read and then assigned to write their own poems. He thinks he doesn't like it probably because he associates poetry those negative experiences. When kids read this book, they will realize that they share many of the thoughts and feelings that Jack expresses. As his journal entries progress, kids will like seeing how Jack is inspired by the poems he reads to write a few poems of his own. My favorite poem used in the book is the free verse poem “dog” by Valerie Worth. I think kids, like Jack, would enjoy it because of its simple, short, and it describes a dog so well. It reminds me of my dog, Luna. 




By Valerie Worth 
Under a maple tree 
The dog lies down, 
Lolls his limp 
Tongue, yawns,  
Rests his long chin 
Carefully between 
Front paws,  
Looks up, alert;  
Chops, with heavy  
Jaws, at a slow fly,  
Blinks, rolls  
On his side,  
Sighs, closes  
His eyes: sleeps 
All afternoon 
In his loose skin.