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Heart and soul: the story of America and African Americans

Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans - Kadir Nelson

Heart and Soul is an informational book that accurately retells the painful story of African Americans in the United States through a female narrator.  The conversational voice used creates interest in young readers while not watering down the context.  My favorite aspect of this book is that it does not focus on one particular event, but gives an overview of the history of African Americans and America. African Americans who have become influential role models and helped pave the way for many triumphs, including electing the first African American president.  Through the narrator’s voice readers are made aware of the struggles, pain, suffering, and injustices that African Americans (her family) endured over the course of a few centuries.  It is important to remember the pain and shame-filled past of our country. This is history has shaped our country and the ideals we treasure some much. The narrator’s accounts are accented by the breath taking life-like illustrations.  The oil paintings which depict various known and unknown heroes are inspiring.  The colors are so vibrant and eye catching, specially the rich blue sky.  A dominant color (aside from browns) is blue; which signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice a theme found throughout this book.  The facial expressions show the pain, strength, and courage of the people it portraits. The book stays true to its informational nature by including additional information such as an author's note, timeline, bibliography, and an index in the back matter.