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Behemoth - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson

Behemoth continues the plot where Leviathan left off. In a alternate World War I, where the Clankers use machinery and Darwinists use genetically manipulated animals as their favored weapon.  This second book is packed with even more action and adventure that its predecessor, but with a much linear plot. Alek and his crew have been taken in by the Leviathan and after an attack in which Alek is injured he decides to escape. Alek will try to stop the Ottoman Empire from entering the war. Deryn runs in to trouble herself and her feelings for Alek begging to grow.  If you read Leviathan, continuing the series with Behemoth (book 2) and Goliath (book 3) would be a great choice. Westerfeld out does himself once again creating well rounded characters and vivid descriptions in this Steampunk novel. 


Westerfeld, S. (2010).Behemoth. New York: Simon Pulse.