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Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein

The central conflict of the story revolves around the capture of Julie, a British spy, after the plane she was being transported to carry out a secret mission crash landed in German-occupied France during WWII. Julie begins her written confession with the revelation that she is a coward. She realizes that the confession is just buying her more days to live, and will be executed for her crime. Julie narrates her intricate story in third and first person point of view, and concentrates on her friendship with Mattie, the female pilot that flew her into France. Julie barters supplying information to her captors in exchange for her clothes and to avoid more torture from the Gestapo. However, as the narration progresses we learn that Julie is a strong-willed and clever young woman. Because Julie is a spy she is also an unreliable narrator; it’s almost difficult to believe that she is in fact collaborating with the Gestapo. In fact, Julie’s written confession is an encrypted message, but the reader remains unaware of her subtle clues until Mattie takes over as narrator. Mattie confirms that Julie has been working from the inside, trying to buy more time to find weaknesses within the German stronghold. The resolution is heart-breaking, but true to the events of the time period. Throughout this historical fiction novel, Wein provides well researched facts of the atrocities executed by the Nazi regime during WWII. Code Name Verity is a story of two brave friends that were united and separated by the war.


Wein, Elizabeth. (2012). Code name Verity. NY: Egmont.