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Janis Joplin: Rise up singing

I first heard of Janis Joplin when in high school, my music teacher was a big fan of her music and often exposed us to it.  Reading this book opened my eyes to see beyond just her musical talent, and drug struggles. It allowed me to meet Joplin as an individual through the letters, interviews, and experiences of those who were close to her. It is evident that Angel was through in her research and provides readers a view into Joplin's life from all angels. The photographs included both in color and black and white help complete the biography as well as provide more credibility to the author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the biography and seeing this brilliant musician for more than just her life's struggles. I can easily see this book being a popular resource used for high school research papers or for anyone wanting to learn more about one of the best female artists Texas has offered.


Angel, A. (2010). Janis Joplin: Rise up singing. NY: Amulet.