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Ungifted - Gordon Korman

Donovan Curtis has the best reputation in school that is as the biggest prankster. But his last goof-off will surely land him the worst punishment ever, after all the superintendent will see to it that he gets a fair punishment. However, Donovan is saved when by mistake he is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a school for the gifted.  And so Donovan must try to adjust to his new school and fit in among his genius classmates, or risk being sent back to his old school.  Donovan makes a lasting impression among his classmates and proves to them that it does not take a genius to be a true friend. Ungifted is told by different narrators, which allows the readers to envision what is happening in the story from multiple view point.  Because of its humor and witty characters this is book would be perfect for older elementary and middle school readers. Boys who are reluctant readers will enjoy this book and will quickly connect to the characters in the book. Because of it being a quick read it is also recommended for readers who are transitioning into reading chapter books.


Korman, G. (2012). Ungifted. New York: Blazer Bray.