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One Cool Friend

One Cool Friend - Toni  Buzzeo, David Small

During the first reading I did think Elliot’s father was somewhat distracted by his studies and thought Elliot, although well behaved, was lonely (he would read to his stuffed toys).  I did not blame Elliot for “adopting” Magellan; they seemed to belong together.  I absolutely liked the surprise ending to this book and seeing how Elliot and dad were not so different after all.  Of course you just have to go back and read the story looking for the clues and paying close attention to the illustrations: dad wears a green suit and turtle neck, Elliot wears a tux, you can see turtles throughout the study, being used as a footstool, and turtles in the pajamas.  The book’s end paper contains vibrant blue tiles that remind me of ice.  Younger children can easy to follow the story and would be able to “read” it by following the illustrations.  The story line is cleaver and very comicalchildren will enjoy Elliot’s adventures with his new pet friend Magellan.