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The Frenzy

The Frenzy - Francesca Lia Block

A life changing and frightening event happened to Liv when she turned thirteen. All she really remembers is the rage that overcame her when her mother arrived from a hunting trip with wolf as her prize. Afraid of her reaction she rarely allows herself to feel anything except for when she is around her boyfriend Corey and in the woods where she feels safe and at home. It is in these woods that Liv experiences a series of unusual events that begin to change her life as she soon discovers that she has been cursed and her reaction was just an inevitable side effect of becoming a werewolf.  Now Live must come to terms with her new identity and learn to accept her new reality. The book is an enjoyable quick read and will hit the spot for teen readers who enjoy reading about ghosts, werewolves and other supernatural events.   


Block, F. (2010). The frenzy. New York: HarperTeen.