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Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood - Marjane Satrapi, Blake Ferris, Mattias Ripa

Persepolis is Marjan Sartrapi's memoir written as a graphic novel.  Sartrapi decided to write a book that told how her life was changed from day to night as a child by the Islamic Revolution in Iran. She recounts confusion and disbelief as she was forced to wear a veil, attend a separate school from the boys, and changes in the acceptable ideas that could be taught at school.  She guides the reader life and ideas while growing up in a liberal household and oppressive nation. She grew up admiring her parent's nonconformist views and was even witness to the brutal executions and violence that followed civilian demonstrations. Sartrapi does a magnificent job through her drawings and story of showing the world how the actions of few can affect an entire culture and create unjust stereotypes throughout the world.  


Sartrapi, M. (2004). Persepolis. NY: Pantheon.